Di Mille, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
396 Morphology and Photometry of Isolated Seyfert Galaxies 55 Cracco, V.; Ciroi, S.; Di Mille, F.; Omizzolo, A.; Funes, J.G.; Rafanelli, P.
396 3D Spectroscopy of the Nuclear Environment of a Selected Sample of Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei: NGC 7319 61 Di Mille, F.; Ciroi, S.; Rafanelli, P.; Moiseev, A.V.; Smirnova, A.; Afanasiev, V.L.; Dodonov, S.N.
490 The Multiple Periods and the Magnetic Nature of CP Puppis 63 Mason, E.; Bianchini, A.; Orio, M.; Williams, R. E.; Mukai, K.; de Marino, D.; Abbot, T. M. C.; di Mille, F.
490 The Slow Late Decline of the Old Nova RW Ursae Minoris (1956) 221 Bianchini, A.; di Mille, F.; Tamburini, F.; Saygac, A. T.; Alis, S.