Donahue, Robert A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 Variance components in CA II H+K time-series observations 132 Dobson, Andrea K.; Donahue, Robert A.; Radick, Richard R.; Kadlec, Kayla L.
27 Solar and Stellar Chromospheric Contrast 503 Restalno, Sergio R.; Donahue, Robert A.
154 Activity Cycles in Lower Main Sequence and POST Main Sequence Stars: The HK Project 153 Baliunas, Sallie L.; Donahue, Robert A.; Soon, Willie; Henry, Gregory W.
154 How Many Parameters Are Required to Describe a Star? Principal Component Analysis as an Astrophysical Tool 818 Dobson, Andrea K.; Donahue, Robert A.
154 Stellar Ages Using the Chromospheric Activity of Field Binary Stars 1235 Donahue, Robert A.