Donnelly, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
47 The SERENDIP SETI Project 269 Bowyer, S.; Werthimer, D.; Donnelly, C.; Lampton, M.; Herrick, W.; Soller, J.; Ng, D.; Hiatt, T.
74 Forty Trillion Signals from SERENDIP: The Berkeley SETI Program 285 Bowyer, S.; Werthimer, D.; Donnelly, C.
74 The Berkeley SETI Program: SERENDIP III and IV Instrumentation 293 Werthimer, D.; Ng, D.; Bowyer, S.; Donnelly, C.
74 The SERENDIP Interference Rejection and Signal Detection System 303 Donnelly, C.; Werthimer, D.; Bowyer, S.; Cobb, J.