Dopita, Michael A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
35 New Surveys of Nebulae Around Wolf-Rayet Stars 360 Chu, You-Hua; Garcia-Segura, Guillermo; Dopita, Michael A.; Bell, J. F.; Lozinskaya, Tatiana A.; Marston, Anthony P.; Miller, Grant J.
113 Shock Excitation of Emission Lines in GPS, CSS, and CSO Sources 382 Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Dopita, Michael A.; O'Dea, Christopher P.
116 Activity in Ellipticals 432 Bicknell, Geoffrey V.; Koekemoer, Anton; Dopita, Michael A.; O'Dea, Christopher P.
199 Do the Nuclei of Elliptical Galaxies Eat Planetary Nebulae? 423 Dopita, Michael A.; Massaglia, Silvano; Bodo, Gianluigi; Arnaboldi, Magda; Merluzzi, Paola