Doschek, G. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
111 Ultra Low Temperature Sulfur X-Ray Spectra 122 Doschek, G. A.; Feldman, U.; Dubau, J.
154 Coronal Abundances: What are They? 91 Jordan, C.; Doschek, G. A.; Drake, J. J.; Galvin, A. B.; Raymond, J. C.
154 New Results from Solar Coronal Spectroscopy (SOHO/SUMER) 413 Doschek, G. A.
206 The Electron Temperature and Fine Structure of Soft X-ray Solar Flares 204 Doschek, G. A.
277 X-ray and EUV Observations of Solar Flares 89 Doschek, G. A.
277 The X-ray Spectra Predicted to Be Emitted From Hot Astrophysical Plasmas Abnormally Enriched With High-Z Elements - The Case of Mercury 461 Doron, R.; Feldman, U.; Doschek, G. A.; Bar-Shalom, A.