Doyon, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
91 M100 and NGC 6951: Morphological Clues to Central Dynamics 416 Knapen, J. H.; Shlosman, I.; Beckman, J. E.; Heller, C. H.; Peletier, R. F.; de Jong, R. S.; Nadeau, D.; Doyon, R.
98 Evolutionary Synthesis of Starburst Galaxies-An Infrared Perspective 62 Doyon, R.
98 The Spatial Distribution of Stellar CO Absorption in M83 444 Puxley, P. J.; Doyon, R.; Ward, M. J.
103 Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Starburst Galaxies; AGN; and LINERs 181 Goldader, J. D.; Joseph, R. D.; Sanders, D. B.; Doyon, R.
195 SIMON: The Infrared Multi-Object Spectrometer of the Observatoire du Mont Mégantic (Poster) 548 Doyon, R.; Nadeau, D.; VallĂ©e, Ph.
294 Searching for Faint Companions with the TRIDENT Differential Simultaneous Imaging Camera 103 Marois, C.; Nadeau, D.; Doyon, R.; Racine, R.; Walker, G. A. H.