Dryer, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
95 An Application of Three-Dimensional MHD Interplanetary Modeling: Recipe for the Initial Turning of the IMF Bz-component Following a Solar Disturbance 350 Dryer, M.
444 A Global Solar Wind Model Based on Surface Measurements of Magnetic Field and Transverse Velocity from GONG 143 Wu, S. T.; Wang, A. H.; Wu, C.-C.; Hill, F.; Hernández, I. G.; Feng, X. S.; Dryer, M.
484 Analyses of the Evolution and Interaction of Multiple Coronal Mass Ejections and Their Shocks in July 2012 241 Wu, S. T.; Wu, C.; Liou, K.; Plunkett, S.; Dryer, M.; Fry, C. D.