Dunham, M. M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
432 Evolutionary Models of the Formation of Protostars out of Low-Mass, Dense Cores: Towards Reconciling Models and Observations 197 Dunham, M. M.; Evans II, N. J.; Terebey, S.; Dullemond, C. P.; Young, C. H.
499 ALMA's High-Resolution View of the Protostellar Cluster Serpens South: Outflow Activity and Continuum Sources 241 Plunkett, A. L.; Gallardo, J.; Arce, H. G.; Corder, S. A.; Dunham, M. M.; Fernández-López, M.; Mardones, D.
499 Studying the Outflow-Core Interaction with ALMA Cycle 1 Observations of the HH46/47 Molecular Outflow 243 Zhang, Y.; Arce, H. G.; Mardones, D.; Dunham, M. M.; Garay, G.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Corder, S.; Offner, S.
517 Resolving the Radio Complexity of EXor and FUor-type Systems with the ngVLA 177 White, J. A.; Audard, M.; Ábrahám, P.; Cieza, L.; de Miera, F. C.; Dunham, M. M.; Green, J. D.; Güdel, M.; Grosso, N.; Hales, A.; Hartmann, L.; Kadam, K.; Kastner, J. H.; Kóspál, Á.; Perez, S.; Postel, A.; Ruiz-Rodriguez, D.; Rab, C.; Vorobyov, E. I.; Zhu, Z.