Ellison, S. L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
294 Possible Transiting Planet Candidates from the EXPLORE Project 391 Mallén-Ornelas, G.; Seager, S.; Yee, H. K. C.; Gladders, M. D.; Brown, T. M.; Minniti, D.; Ellison, S. L.; Mallén-Fullerton, G. M.
420 Searching for the Precursors of Life in External Galaxies 35 Lawton, B.; Churchill, C. W.; York, B. A.; Ellison, S. L.; Snow, T. P.; Johnson, R. A.; Ryan, S. G.; Benn, C. R.
477 Gas flows in Galaxies: Mergers Versus Bars 7 Ellison, S. L.; Patton, D. R.; Nair, P.; Mendel, J. T.; Scudder, J. M.; Simard, L.
477 Star Formation Rates, Metallicities, and Colours as Probes of Merger Timelines 241 Scudder, J. M.; Patton, D. R.; Ellison, S. L.; Torrey, P.; Mendel, J. T.