Title: Galaxy Mergers in an Evolving Universe
Volume: 477 Year: 2013 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Wei-Hsin Sun, C. Kevin Xu, Nick Z. Scoville, and David B. Sanders

Farglory Hotel, Hualien, Taiwan
23–28 October 2011

Galaxy mergers play a vital role in the evolution of galaxies by building more massive galaxies, triggering starburst and AGN activity, and transforming spiral galaxies into elliptical galaxies. At the same time, accretion of dark matter and intergalactic gas (IGM) are also significant to the cosmic evolution of the dark matter halos and galaxies within them.

The purpose of this workshop was to bring together observational and theoretical researchers in this field to synthesize recent results addressing major unanswered questions. What are the frequencies and basic characteristics of mergers in different cosmic epochs? Are most of high-redshift extreme-starbursts and AGNs mergers, or are they galaxies with significant accretion of cold IGM gas? Are nearly all elliptical galaxies formed through mergers? Do mergers and normal disk galaxies have different star-formation/gas-density relations (Kennicutt-Schmidt law) and stellar initial mass functions? There have been major advances in both theory (higher resolution simulations with radiative transfer and modeling star formation, IGM accretion, and nuclear accretion) and observations (Spitzer, Akari, and Herschel observations constraining merger rates, star formation histories, and galaxy mass and luminosity distributions at high redshifts). This meeting sought to integrate these many advances, identify major uncertainties, and set future directions for high-redshift galaxy evolution research in the era of ALMA and JWST.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1 Sun, W.-H.; Xu, C. K.; Scoville, N. Z.; Sanders, D. B.
Conference Photos 2 Sun, W.-H.; Xu, C. K.; Scoville, N. Z.; Sanders, D. B.
Part I. Low-z Mergers and Starbursts (I)   
The Initial Mass Function in the Outskirts of M83 3 Koda, J.; Yagi, M.; Boissier, S.; Gil de Paz, A.; Imanishi, M.; Meyer, J. D.; Madore, B. F.; Thilker, D. A.
Gas flows in Galaxies: Mergers Versus Bars 7 Ellison, S. L.; Patton, D. R.; Nair, P.; Mendel, J. T.; Scudder, J. M.; Simard, L.
A Simple Continuity Approach to Galaxy Evolution 11 Lilly, S. J.; Peng, Y.; Renzini, A.; Carollo, C. M.
High-Resolution Sub/millimeter Observations of Mergers and Luminous Galaxy Nuclei 21 Sakamoto, K.
A Herschel Spectroscopic Survey of Warm Molecular Gas in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies 31 Lu, N.; Xu, C. K.; Gao, Y.; Isaak, K.; Armus, L.; Appleton, P.; Charmandaris, V.; Diaz-Santos, T.; Evans, A.; Howell, J.; Iwasawa, K.; Leech, J.; Lord, S.; Mazzarella, J.; Petric, A.; Sanders, D.; Schulz, B.; Surace, J.; van der Werf, P.; Zhao, Y.
Warm and Cold Molecular Gas in Luminous Infrared Galaxies 37 Petric, A.; GOALS collaboration
Luminosity Function and Dust Properties of Local Galaxy Pairs 43 Domingue, D.; Hill, E.; Xu, K.; Cheng, Y.-W.
What Collisional Debris can tell us about Galaxies 47 Duc, P.-A.
Connecting the Dots between the Antennae and Arp 220 55 Wang, Z.
NIR/Optical Selected Local Mergers: Spatial Density and sSFR Enhancement 59 Xu, C. K.
Keck IFU Observations of Mrk 273 69 U, V.; Medling, A.; Sanders, D.; Max, C.
The Star Formation Efficiency in Stephan's Quintet Intragroup Regions 73 Natale, G.; Tuffs, R. J.; Xu, C. K.; Popescu, C. C.; Fischera, J.; Lisenfeld, U.; Lu, N.; Appleton, P.; Dopita, M.; Duc, P.-A.; Gao, Y.; Reach, W.; Sulentic, J.; Yun, M.
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopic Observations of a Possible E+A Progenitor SDSS J160241.00+521426.9 77 Matsubayashi, K.
Molecular Gas Properties and Star Formation in Interacting Galaxies 83 Kaneko, H.; Kuno, N.; Iono, D.; Tamura, Y.; Tosaki, T.; Nakanishi, K.; Sawada, T.
Part II. Merger Dynamics and Simulations   
Experiments with IDENTIKIT 89 Barnes, J. E.; Privon, G. C.
Simulations of Binary Galaxy Mergers and the Link with Fast Rotators, Slow Rotators, and Kinematically Distinct Cores 97 Bois, M.; Emsellem, E.; Bournaud, F.; Alatalo, K.; Blitz, L.; Bureau, M.; Cappellari, M.; Davies, R. L.; Davis, T. A.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Duc, P.-A.; Khochfar, S.; Krajnović, D.; Kuntschner, H.; Lablanche, P.-Y.; McDermid, R. M.; Morganti, R.; Naab, T.; Oosterloo, T.; Sarzi, M.; Scott, N.; Serra, P.; Weijmans, A.-M.; Young, L. M.
The Discovery and Modeling of O-Type-Like Collisional Ring Galaxies 101 Wu, Y.-T.; Jiang, I.-G.
The Fundamental Plane of Galaxy Group Mergers 105 Taranu, D.; Dubinski, J.; Yee, H.
Halo Pairs in the Millennium Simulation: Love and Deception 111 Moreno, J.
Simulated Galaxy Merger Trees: A New Numerical Tool to Study Galaxy Evolution 115 Moster, B. P.
Modeling the Evolution of the Red Sequence through Mergers 119 Skelton, R. E.
Part III. Mergers in Galaxy Evolution   
Evolution of Merger Rate Since z = 2 from the UKIDSS-Ultra Deep Survey 127 Wang, P.-W.; Foucaud, S.; Almaini, O.; Grützbauch, R.; Hartley, W. G.; Simpson, C.; Conselice, C. J.
The Galaxy Merger Rate History (GMRH) since z ≃ 3 133 F‘evre, O. L.; Sanjuan, C.; Tasca, L.; VVDS Team; MASSIV Team; VUDS Team
Environmental Effects in the Interaction and Merging of Galaxies in zCOSMOS 137 Kampczyk, P.; Lilly, S. J.; zCOSMOS Collaboration
Bulge-Disk Evolution in Interacting Bulgeless Galaxies 141 Das, M.; Ramya, S.; Sengupta, C.; Mishra, K.
The Space Density Evolution of Wet and Dry Mergers in the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Legacy Survey 145 Chou, R. C. Y.; Bridge, C. R.; Abraham, R. G.
Galaxy Evolution in the Last ∼ 11 Gyrs and the Role of Mergers 155 Sobral, D.; Best, P.; Smail, I.; Geach, J.; Stott, J.; Matsuda, Y.
The Dominant Role of Mergers in the Size Evolution of Massive Galaxies since z1 159 López-Sanjuan, C.; Le Fèvre, O.; Ilbert, O.; Tasca, L.; COSMOS Collaboration; zCOSMOS Collaboration
The Role of Galaxy Interaction in Environmental Dependence of Star Formation Activity at z ∼ 1.2 163 Ideue, Y.; Taniguchi, Y.; COSMOS Team
The Importance of Mergers in Galaxy Evolution since bf z∼1 from HOD Statistics in the CFHTLS Wide 167 Coupon, J.
Part IV. Merging and AGN   
Alas, No Merger-AGN Connection at z < 1 173 Cisternas, M.; Jahnke, K.; COSMOS Collaboration
‘Green Valley’ AGN at z ≤ 2 177 Pović, M.; Sánchez-Portal, M.; Pérez García, A. M.; OTELO Group
Part V. High Redshift Merging and Submm Galaxies   
The Unusual and Ubiquitous Population of Hα Emitters at z ∼ 4: Where are all the Mergers? 185 Shim, H.; Chary, R.-R.; Dickinson, M.; Lin, L.; Spinrad, H.; Stern, D.; Yan, C.-H.
Properties of “Dry Mergers” at z > 1 189 Foucaud, S.; Almaini, O.; Pearce, H. J.; Chuter, R.; Grützbauch, R.; Bradshaw, E. J.; Cirasuolo, M.; Dunlop, J. S.; Hartley, W. G.; McLure, R. J.; Simpson, C.
Total to Central Luminosity Ratios of Quiescent Galaxies in MODS as an Indicator of Size Evolution 195 Akhlaghi, M.; Ichikawa, T.; Kajisawa, M.
Shaping Galaxies:Internal Structure of the z∼2 Galaxy Population 199 Chang, Y.; van der Wel, A.; Rix, H.-W.; Wuyts, S.; Zibetti, S.; Ramkumar, B.; Holden, B.
Spatially Resolved Color-Magnitude Relation and Morphology of z ∼ 1 ULIRGs 203 Yun, M. S.; Chen, Y.; Lowenthal, J. D.
Post-Starburst Galaxies: Probing the Role of Mergers and AGN Activity in Quenching Star Formation 211 Trouille, L.; Tremonti, C. A.; Chen, Y.-M.; Crowley-Farenga, J.; Rice, W.; Loftus, P.
Driving the Gaseous Evolution of Massive Galaxies in the Early Universe 215 Riechers, D. A.
Part VI. AGN/Starburst Feedbacks   
Host Galaxy Morphology and the AGN Unified Model 227 Trump, J. R.
WiFeS and GOALS: An IFS Study Of Shocks and More In Nearby U/LIRGS 231 Rich, J. A.; Kewley, L. J.; Dopita, M. A.
Part VII. Chemical Evolution   
The Metallicity Evolution of Interacting Galaxies 237 Torrey, P.; Cox, T. J.; Kewley, L.; Hernquist, L.
Star Formation Rates, Metallicities, and Colours as Probes of Merger Timelines 241 Scudder, J. M.; Patton, D. R.; Ellison, S. L.; Torrey, P.; Mendel, J. T.
Part VIII. Results from New Surveys   
WISE Discovery of Hyper Luminous Galaxies at z=2-4 and Their Implications for Galaxy and AGN Evolution 247 Tsai, C.; Eisenhardt, P.; Wu, J.; Bridge, C.; Assef, R.; Benford, D.; Blain, A.; Cutri, R.; Griffith, R. L.; Jarrett, T.; Lonsdale, C.; Petty, S.; Sayers, J.; Stanford, A.; Stern, D.; Wright, E. L.; Yan, L.
FIR/Submm Properties of Galaxies in HATLAS-SDP Field 251 Wu, H.; Lam, M. I.; Zhu, Y.
Insights from WISP, an Unbiased Search for Distant Emission-line Galaxies 255 Malkan, M.; WISP Team
Part IX. Summary   
A Provocative Summary: Is There Any Unified Model for Triggering Active Galactic Nuclei? 265 Taniguchi, Y.
Part X. Poster Session   
Mapping the Hα Emission Line from Interacting Galaxies with GHαFaS: The Case of ARP 271 275 Font, J.; Beckman, J. E.; Zaragoza, J.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Gutiérrez, L.
Evolution of Grain Size Distribution in Starburst Galaxies 279 Hirashita, H.
The Star Formation Activity in the Shapley Supercluster 281 Ho, P.-L.; Chen, L.-W.
Environment of Submillimeter Galaxies 283 Hou, K.-c.; Chen, L.-w.
Properties of galaxies in groups up to z=2 from the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey 287 Hsiao, H.; Foucaud, S.; Jian, H.-Y.; Lin, L.; Lo, C.-M.; Wang, W.-H.
SPH Simulations of Stephan's Quintet 291 Hwang, J.-S.; Struck, C.; Renaud, F.; Appleton, P. N.
Direct Imaging of Super Massive Black Hole Shadow 295 Inoue, M.; Algaba-Marcos, J. C.; Asada, K.; Chen, C. P.; Chen, M. T.; Koch, P.; Ho, P.; Huang, T.; Lin, K. Y.; Martin-Cocher, P.; Nakamura, M.; Pradel, N.; Raffin, P.; Matsushita, S.; Blundell, R.; Moran, J.; Doeleman, S.; Fish, V.; Brisken, W.; Napier, P.
Charting the Evolution of Merger Remnants Through Molecular Gas Observations 297 Iono, D.; Ueda, J.; Yun, M. S.; Crocker, A.; Espada, D.; Hatsukade, B.; Kaneko, H.; Kawabe, R.; Narayanan, D.; Tamura, Y.
Searching Merging Galaxies via their Irregular Shapes 299 Lee, T.-L.; Hwang, C.-Y.
3D Kinematics of a z1.3 Lensed Clumpy Galaxy 301 Lemoine-Busserolle, M.; Sánchez, S. F.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Pelló, R.; Bunker, A.; Kneib, J.-P.
Role of AGN in ULIRG Phase of Dusty Mergers since z ∼ 3 303 Lin, M.-Y.; Hashimoto, Y.; Foucaud, S.
UV-Luminosity Function to z 3 with the UKIDSS UDS Survey 305 Lo, C.-M.; Foucaud, S.; Grützbauch, R.; Hartley, W.; Simpson, C.; Almaini, O.
The Evolution of Starburst Galaxies through Molecular Outflows 309 Tsai, A.-L.; Matsushita, S.
Unveiling the Physical Properties and Kinematics of Molecular Gas in the Antennae Galaxies with the SMA 311 Ueda, J.; Iono, D.; Petitpas, G.; Yun, M. S.; Ho, P. T. P.; Kawabe, R.; Mao, R.-Q.; Martín, S.; Matsushita, S.; Peck, A. B.; Tamura, Y.; Wang, J.; Wang, Z.; Wilson, C. D.; Zhang, Q.
Back Matter   
Back Matter 311