Elmegreen, Bruce G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
12 Theories of molecular cloud formation 247 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
58 Digital Selection of Structural Features in Neutral Hydrogen Emission Maps 202 Chromey, F. R.; Elmegreen, Bruce G.
66 Star Formation in Spiral Arms 61 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
147 Small-Scale Mixing of the Elements 278 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
182 Interaction Between NGC 5394 and NGC 5395 453 Kaufman, Michele; Brinks, Elias; Elmegreen, Bruce G.; Elmegreen, Debra M.; Klaríc, Mario; Struck, Curtis; Thomasson, Magnus; Vogel, Stuart
215 A Bird's Eye View of Ocular Galaxies 197 Brinks, Elías; Kaufman, Michele; Elmegreen, Debra M.; Struck, Curtis; Elmegreen, Bruce G.; Thomasson, Magnus; Klarić, Mario
249 Theory of Star Formation in the Central Kiloparsec 492 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
253 History of Star Formation in the Universe. (I) 477 Elmegreen, Bruce G.