Enoch, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
366 The Color of Noise in SuperWASP Data and the Implications for finding Extrasolar Planets 152 Smith, A.M.S.; Collier Cameron, A.; Christian, D.J.; Clarkson, W.I.; Enoch, B.; Evans, A.; Haswell, C.A.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.; Irwin, J.; Kane, S.R.; Lister, T.A.; Norton, A.J.; Parley, N.; Pollacco, D.L.; Ryans, R.; Skillen, I.; Street, R.A.; Triaud, A.H.M.J.; West, R.G.; Wheatley, P.J.; Wilsons, D.M.
366 Planet Hunting with SuperWASP 180 Enoch, B.; Street, R.; the WASP Consortium