Ergma, Ene

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
202 Low-Mass HeWDs and Millisecond Pulsars Age Determination 631 Antipova, J.; Ergma, Ene; Sarna, M. J.
202 Helium white dwarf cooling in PSR J0751+1807 and PSR J1012+5307 637 Ergma, Ene; Antipova, J.; Sarna, M. J.
229 The Eclipsing Binary Millisecond Pulsar PSR B1744-24A - Possible Test for a Magnetic Braking Mechanism 187 Ergma, Ene; Sarna, Marek J.
308 Evolution of Chemical Surface Composition of the Optical Companions to Soft X-ray Transients 151 Ergma, Ene; Sarna, Marek J.