Ettori, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
200 Cosmological Constraints from the Intracluster Gas Fraction 369 Ettori, S.; Fabian, A.
234 Chandra observations of central galaxies in cooling flow clusters 375 Iwasawa, K.; Fabian, A. C.; Ettori, S.
234 BeppoSAX observations of very hot cooling-flow clusters of galaxies 387 Ettori, S.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.
251 A Chandra Observation of the Radio Galaxy 4C+55.16 108 Iwasawa, K.; Fabian, A. C.; Allen, S. W.; Ettori, S.
268 Merging Clusters in the Shapley Concentration 143 Bardelli, S.; Zucca, E.; Venturi, T.; Degrandi, S.; Ettori, S.; Molendi, S.
399 Cool Core Clusters at Redshift z > 0.7 375 Santos, J.S.; Rosati, P.; Tozzi, P.; Böhringer, H.; Ettori, S.; Bignamini, A.