Evans, Neal J., II

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
12 Comparison of NH3 and CS Distribution in NGC 2071 331 Zhou, Shudong; Evans, Neal J., II; Mundy, Lee C.
20 Star formation - Observations 45 Evans, Neal J., II
35 A Multi-Transition Study of CS in Regions of Massive Star Formation 93 Plume, Rene; Jaffe, Dan; Evans, Neal J., II; Martin-Pintado, Jesus; Gomez-Gonzalez, Jesus
65 Modeling Line Profiles of Protostellar Collapse in B335 with Monte Carlo Methods 167 Choi, Minho; Evans, Neal J., II; Gregersen, Erik M.; Wang, Yangsheng
102 Neutral Carbon and the Dense Interstellar Medium in the Inner 300 PC of the Galaxy 16 Jaffe, D. T.; Plume, R.; Evans, Neal J., II; Bally, John