Kaminsky, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
363 Modelling the Spectrum and SED of V838 Mon 225 Pavlenko, Y.; Kaminsky, B.; Lyubchik, Y.; Yakovina, L.
401 Model Atmospheres and Spectra of Peculiar Stars 124 Pavlenko, Y.V.; Evans, A.; Duerbeck, H.W.; Geballe, T.; Yakovina, L.; Kaminsky, B.; Kerr, T.
490 Silicate Dust in RS Ophiuchi 249 Rushton, M. T.; Woodward, C. E.; Helton, L. A.; Gehrz, R. D.; Evans, A.; Kaminsky, B.; Pavlenko, Y. V.; Eyres, S. P. S.; Maxwell, M.