Kavelaars, J. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
182 On the Relation Between Globular Cluster Specific Frequency and Galaxy Type 437 Kavelaars, J. J.
442 Virtualization and Grid Utilization within the CANFAR Project 61 Gaudet, S.; Armstrong, P.; Ball, N.; Chapin, E.; Dowler, P.; Gable, I.; Goliath, S.; Fabbro, S.; Ferrarese, L.; Gwyn, S.; Hill, N.; Jenkins, D.; Kavelaars, J. J.; Major, B.; Ouellette, J.; Paterson, M.; Peddle, M.; Pritchet, C.; Schade, D.; Sobie, R.; Woods, D.; Woodley, K.; Yeung, A.