Keller, L. P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
104 A Comprehensive Study of Major, Minor and Light Element Abundances in Over 100 Interplanetary Dust Particles 283 Thomas, K. L.; Keller, L. P.; McKay, D. S.
104 The Abundance Pattern of Elements Having Low Nebular Condensation Temperatures in Interplanetary Dust Particles: Evidence for a New Chemical Type of Chondritic Material 291 Flynn, G. J.; Bajt, S.; Sutton, S. R.; Zolensky, M. E.; Thomas, K. L.; Keller, L. P.
104 Mineralogical Changes in IDPS Resulting from Atmospheric Entry Heating 295 Keller, L. P.; Thomas, K. L.; McKay, D. S.
196 Comparison of Collected Interplanetary Dust Particles with Dust in Space 119 Bradley, J. P.; Keller, L. P.; Flynn, G. J.; Sitko, M. L.
213 Organic Carbon in Interplanetary Dust Particles 191 Flynn, George; Keller, L. P.; Jacobsen, C.; Wirick, S.; Miller, M. A.