Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
182 Young Stellar Spiral Arms Emerging from the Circumnuclear Star Forming Ring in NGC 4314 235 Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.; Friedli, Daniel; Benedict, G. F.; Leon, S.; Combes, F.
197 Molecular Gas in Circumnuclear Starbursts 193 Jogee, Shardha; Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.
249 HST Imaging of Bipolar Nuclear Shells in the Disturbed Virgo Cluster Galaxy NGC 4438 133 Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.
249 Molecular Gas in The Central kpc of Starbursts and AGN 612 Jogee, Shardha; Baker, Andrew J.; Sakamoto, Kazushi; Scoville, Nick Z.; Kenney, Jeffrey D. P.