Kharb, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
373 A Radio Study of 13 Powerful FRII Radio Galaxies 221 Kharb, P.; O'Dea, C.P.; Baum, S.A.; Daly, R.A.; Mory, M.P.; Donahue, M.; Guerra, E.J.
386 The Properties and Gaseous Environments of Powerful Classical Double Radio Galaxies 25 Daly, R.A.; O’Dea, C.P.; Kharb, P.; Baum, S.A.; Freeman, K.A.; Mory, M.P.
517 High-resolution Imaging of Radio Jets Launched by Active Galactic Nuclei: New Insights on Formation, Structure, and Evolution Enabled by the ngVLA 619 Lister, M. L.; Kellermann, K. I.; Kharb, P.