Khomenko, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
354 Diagnostics of Quiet-Sun Magnetism 63 Khomenko, E.
358 On the Determination of Magnetic Field Strength and Flux in Inter-Network 42 Khomenko, E.; Collados, M.
405 Observational Signatures of Numerically Simulated MHD Waves in Small-scale Flux Sheets 183 Khomenko, E.; Collados, M.; Felipe, T.
416 Simulations of Waves in Sunspots 31 Khomenko, E.
455 First Results from the SUNRISE Mission 143 Solanki, S. K.; Barthol, P.; Danilovic, S.; Feller, A.; Gandorfer, A.; Hirzberger, J.; Jafarzadeh, S.; Lagg, A.; Riethmüller, T. L.; Schüssler, M.; Wiegelmann, T.; Bonet, J. A.; González, M. J. M.; Pillet, V. M.; Khomenko, E.; Chaouche, L. Y.; Iniesta, J. C. d. T.; Domingo, V.; Palacios, J.; Knölker, M.; González, N. B.; Borrero, J. M.; Berkefeld, T.; Franz, M.; Roth, M.; Schmidt, W.; Steiner, O.; Title, A. M.
463 Simulations of Chromospheric Heating by Ambipolar Diffusion 281 Khomenko, E.; Collados Vera, M.