Kim, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
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314 Korean Astronomical Data Center Prototype Release 165 Sung, H.-I.; Kim, S.C.; Yim, I.S.; Nam, H.-W.; Kim, B.G.; Kim, J.; Lee, D.-J.
362 Formation of Clouds via Thermal-Gravitational Instability in the Protogalactic Environment 290 Baek, C.H.; Ryu, D.; Kang, H.; Kim, J.
365 The Power Spectra and Point Distribution Functions of Density Fields in Isothermal Hydrodynamic Turbulent Flows 148 Kim, J.
365 Thermal and Magnetic Pressures and Transient Structures in Turbulent Thermally Bistable Flows 154 Gazol, A.; Kim, J.; Vazquez-Semadeni, E.; Luis, L.
365 On the Gravitational Boundedness of Small Scale Structures in Molecular Clouds 166 Dib, S.; Kim, J.
387 Primordial Mass Segregation in Starburst Stellar Clusters 282 Dib, S.; Shadmehri, M.; Gopinathan, M.; Kim, J.; Henning, Th.
438 Density and Velocity Power Spectra in Turbulent Thermally Bi-stable Flows 145 Gazol, A.; Kim, J.
502 The East-Asian VLBI Network 81 Wajima, K.; Hagiwara, Y.; An, T.; Baan, W. A.; Fujisawa, K.; Hao, L.; Jiang, W.; Jung, T.; Kawaguchi, N.; Kim, J.; Kobayashi, H.; Oh, S.-J.; Roh, D.-G.; Wang, M. Wu, Y.; Xia, B.; Zhang, M.
522 SciServer: a Collaborative Workspace for Data Analysis, Sharing and Storage in the Cloud 279 Taghizadeh-Popp, M.; Lemson, G.; Kim, J.; Rippin, M.; Raddick, J.