Kim, S. S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
186 HST/NICMOS Imaging of the Quintuplet and Arches Clusters 329 Figer, D. F.; Morris, M.; Kim, S. S.; Serabyn, E.
228 Evolution and Evaporation of Compact Young Clusters Near the Galactic Center 139 Lee, H. M.; Kim, S. S.; Morris, M.
228 Vertical Diffusion of Stars in the Inner Galactic Bulge 482 Kim, S. S.; Morris, M.
228 N-Body Simulations of Compact Young Star Clusters near the Galactic Center 485 Kim, S. S.; Figer, D. F.; Lee, H. M.; Morris, M.
263 Stellar Collisions and Mergers in the Galactic Center 287 Figer, D. F.; Kim, S. S.
439 Sustained Star Formation in the Central Molecular Zone of the Milky Way 79 Kim, S. S.; Saitoh, T. R.; Jeon, M.; Merritt, D.; Figer, D. F.; Wada, K.
528 Star Formation in the Inner Bulges of Milky Way-like Galaxies with Gas Replenishment 331 Park, S.-M.; Kim, S. S.; Shin, J.; Chun, K.