King, I. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
50 Early HST Results on Globular Clusters 267 King, I. R.
50 Structural Parameters of Galactic Globular Clusters 347 Trager, S. C.; Djorgovski, S.; King, I. R.
92 Low-Luminosity Main-Sequence Stars: NGC 6397 and the Solar Neighbourhood 76 Brocato, E.; Cassisi, S.; Castellani, V.; Cool, A. M.; King, I. R.; Piotto, G.
193 Observations of Hyron Spinrad 1 King, I. R.; Liebert, J. W.; de Pater, I.
228 Internal Motions in Globular Clusters 19 King, I. R.; Anderson, J.
265 Anisotropy in ω Centauri 21 King, I. R.; Anderson, J.
274 The HST snapshot project on Galactic Globular Clusters 282 Piotto, G.; de Angeli, F.; Recio Blanco, A.; Riello, M.; King, I. R.; Djorgovski, S.; Zoccali, M.; Saviane, I.; Renzini, A.; Bono, G.; Cassisi, S.; Meylan, G.; Rich, M.
296 A Life with the Globular Clusters-My Lucky Stars 3 King, I. R.
296 HST/WFPC2 Proper Motions in the Core of 47 Tucanae 147 McLaughlin, D. E.; Meylan, G.; Anderson, J.; King, I. R.; Gebhardt, K.; Pryor, C.
296 Color-Magnitude Diagrams and Mass Functions of Globular Clusters down to the Hydrogen-Burning Limit 167 King, I. R.
296 HST Color-Magnitude Diagrams of 74 Galactic Globular Clusters: the Snapshot Database 230 Piotto, G.; de Angeli, F.; Riello, M.; Recio-Blanco, A.; King, I. R.; Djorgovski, S. G.; Zoccali, M.; Renzini, A.; Saviane, I.; Sosin, C.; Rich, R. M.; Meylan, G.
296 Accurate Internal Proper Motions of Globular Clusters 360 Bedin, L. R.; Piotto, G.; Anderson, J.; King, I. R.