Koller, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
188 Temperature Fluctuations of Small Dust Particles in Planetary Nebulae 271 Koller, J.
196 The Infrared Emission of Dust in the Born-Again Planetary Nebula Abell 58 23 Koller, J.; Kimeswenger, S.
294 Effects of the Smoothing Factor in the Potential of a Protoplanet 339 Koller, J.; Li, H.
412 On the Distribution of Dust in the “Born-again” Planetary Nebula A30 235 Kerber, F.; Roth, M.; Rauch, T.; Ageorges, N.; Clayton, G.C.; De Marco, O.; Koller, J.
444 Improving Data Drivers for Coronal and Solar Wind Models 99 Arge, C. N.; Henney, C. J.; Koller, J.; Toussaint, W. A.; Harvey, J. W.; Young, S.