Kontizas, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
84 Star Counts and Spectral Classification in Star Formation Regions of the Magellanic Clouds 405 Kontizas, M.; Morgan, D. H.; Bellas-Vellidis, Y.; Kontizas, E.
228 A Search for Mass Segregation in Four Young Magellanic Cloud Clusters 473 Keller, S. C.; Kontizas, M.; Gouliermis, D.; Bellas-Velidis, I.; Bessell, M. S.; Da Costa, G. S.; Kontizas, E.
285 Stellar Associations and the Associated Field East of LMC 4 in the Large Magellanic Cloud 320 Gouliermis, D.; de Boer, K. S.; Keller, S. C.; Kontizas, M.; Kontizas, E.
424 Star Complexes and Stellar Populations in NGC 6822 240 Karampelas, A.; Kontizas, E.; Dapergolas, A.; Livanou, E.; Kontizas, M.; Bellas-Velidis, I.; VĂ­lchez, J. M.
424 Modeling the Distribution of Various Objects in the Magellanic Clouds for Gaia 244 Belcheva, M.; Kontizas, M.; Livanou, E.; Kontizas, E.; Nikolov, G.
424 Towards an Optimized Library of Synthetic Galaxy Spectra for the Gaia Mission 252 Karampelas, A.; Kontizas, E.; Tsalmantza, P.; Kontizas, M.; Livanou, E.; Rocca-Volmerange, B.; Bellas-Velidis, I.