Kovaleva, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
134 On the Possible Multiplicity of Components of Some Low Mass Systems 320 Kovaleva, D.
274 Double-lined eclipsing binaries: probe for stellar evolution models 210 Kovaleva, D.
295 Russian and fSU Resources to be Integrated in the IVO 73 Kilpio, A.; Dluzhnevskaya, O.; Malkov, O.; Kilpio, E.; Kovaleva, D.; Kaigorodov, P.; Sat, L.
298 Binary stars with GAIA and the mass-luminosity relation 357 Malkov, O.; Kovaleva, D.
485 BDB: The Binary Star Database 247 Dluzhnevskaya, O.; Kaygorodov, P.; Kovaleva, D.; Malkov, O.
510 Observational Types of Binaries in the Binary Star Database 360 Malkov, O.; Kovaleva, D.; Kaygorodov, P.
521 The Binary Star DataBase BDB v3.0 217 Kovaleva, D.; Malkov, O.; Kaygorodov, P.; Debray, B.