Krumholz, M.R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
323 Recent Advances in the Collapse and Fragmentation of Turbulent Molecular Cloud Cores 227 Klein, R.I.; Fisher, R.T.; McKee, C.F.; Krumholz, M.R.
323 Embedding Lagrangian Sink Particles in Eulerian Grids 401 Krumholz, M.R.; McKee, C.F.; Klein, R.I.
352 Massive Star Formation: A Tale of Two Theories 31 Krumholz, M.R.
387 Collapse, Fragmentation, and Accretion in Massive Cores 200 Krumholz, M.R.
387 Embedded, Accreting Disks in Massive Star Formation 262 Kratter, K.M.; Matzner, C.D.; Krumholz, M.R.