Kubát, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
169 Thermal balance of electrons as a tool for the determination of the temperature structure of model stellar atmospheres 451 Kubát, J.; Puls, J.; Pauldrach, A. W. A.
204 Two-component Stellar Wind in Hot Stars 235 Krtička, J.; Kubát, J.
214 Spectral and Light Variability of Be Star 60 Cygni 280 Koubský, P.; Harmanec, P.; Hubert, A. M.; Floquet, M.; Kubát, J.; Ballereau, D.; Božič, H.; Chauville, J.; Holmgren, D.; Yang, S.; Cao, H.; Eenens, P.; Huang, L.; Percy, J. R.
214 NLTE Model Atmospheres of Irradiated Stars in B Binaries 705 Kubát, J.
288 A Computer Code for the Calculation of NLTE Model Atmospheres Using ALI 87 Kubát, J.
288 Calculation of the Temperature Using Thermal Balance of Electrons 91 Kubát, J.
288 Limb Darkening and Line-profile Variations in Eclipsing Binaries 149 Hadrava, P.; Kubát, J.
288 Discontinuous Finite Element Method in Moving Media 255 Korčáková, D.; Kubát, J.
288 Instabilities in Radiation Driven Stellar Winds 263 Votruba, V.; Kubát, J.
388 Stationary Model of a Line Driven Wind with Rotation 155 Ceniga, M.; Krticka, J.; Kubát, J.
388 Influence of the Frictional Heating on the Wind Line-Profiles of SMC Stars 191 Krticka, J.; Korcáková, D.; Kubát, J.
388 Multicomponent Stellar Wind of Hot Stars 229 Votruba, V.; Feldmeier, A.; Kubát, J.; Nikutta, R.