Kundu, M. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 The radio spectra of RS CVn stars 239 White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.; Uchida, Y.; Nitta, N.
26 HST Observations of the Flare Star AU MIC 31 Robinson, R. D.; Shore, S. N.; Carpenter, K. G.; Woodgate, B. E.; Maran, S. P.; Brandt, J. C.; Kundu, M. R.; White, S. M.; Linsky, J. L.; Walter, F. M.
26 A 5 GHz Survey of Weak-Lined T Tauri Stars 334 White, S. M.; Pallavicini, R.; Kundu, M. R.
46 Analysis of EUV, Microwave and Magnetic Field Observations of Solar Plage 291 Brosius, J. W.; Davila, J. M.; Jones, H. P.; Thompson, W. T.; Thomas, R. J.; Holman, G. D.; White, S. W.; Gopalswamy, N.; Kundu, M. R.
64 A Search for gamma-Ray Emission from Active Stars 498 White, S. M.; Harmon, B. A.; Lim, J.; Kundu, M. R.
93 The Radio Outburst of eta Carinae 59 White, S. M.; Duncan, R. A.; Lim, J.; Drake, S. A.; Kundu, M. R.
93 VLA Observations of a Solar Active Region at 6.2 and 3.5 CM Wavelength Compared with Model Calculations 369 Hildebrandt, J.; Kruger, A.; Gopalswamy, N.; Raulin, J.-P.; Kundu, M. R.
93 Nonthermal Radio Emission from Coronal X-ray Jets 375 Kundu, M. R.; Raulin, J. P.; Nitta, N.; Hudson, H. S.; Raoult, A.
111 Three Part Structure of a CME Revealed by X-Ray and Microwave Observations 393 Gopalswamy, N.; Kundu, M. R.; Lara, A.; Hanaoka, Y.; Enome, S.; Lemen, J. R.; Akioka, M.
140 Synoptic Radio Observations 387 Schmahl, E. J.; Kundu, M. R.
154 A Search for Hard X-ray Emission from Active Stars Using CGRO/BATSE 1192 White, S. M.; Harmon, B. A.; Lim, J.; Kundu, M. R.
155 The Emergence of a Solar Active Region 130 White, S. M.; Lee, J.; Kundu, M. R.; The SOHO/MDI Team
155 The Solar Atmosphere Above a Sunspot 135 Zlotnik, E. Ya.; White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.
206 Nonthermal Flare Emission from MeV-Energy Electrons at 17, 34, and 86, GHz 307 Kundu, M. R.; White, S. M.; Shibasaki, K.; Sakurai, T.
206 Millimeter-Interferometer Observations of Flares in Conjunction with HESSI 335 White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.
206 Observations and Models of a Flaring Loop 359 Nindos, A.; White, S. M.; Kundu, M. R.; Gary, D. E.
223 The Absolute Abundance of Iron in the Solar Corona (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/white) 1361 White, S. M.; Thomas, R. J.; Brosius, J. W.; Kundu, M. R.