Kwok, Sun

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 Transition from red giant to planetary nebula 438 Kwok, Sun
9 Analyses of IRAS low resolution spectra of young planetary nebulae 471 Zhang, Cheng-Yue; Kwok, Sun
14 Candidates for Bipolar Proto- Planetary Nebulae 155 Kwok, Sun; Volk, Kevin; Hrivnak, Bruce J.
41 Spectral Classification of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars 111 Kwok, Sun
41 New Candidates for Carbon Stars with Silicate Feature 115 Chan, S. J.; Kwok, Sun; Volk, Kevin
41 UKIRT CGS3 Observations of New IRAS 21 MU M Sources 123 Kwok, Sun; Hrivnak, B. J.; Geballe, T. R.; Langill, P. P.
41 Near Infrared Spectroscopy of Proto-Planetary Nebulae 129 Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Kwok, Sun; Geballe, Thomas R.
41 IRAS Spectra of Ultracompact HII Regions 213 Dames, Jeff; Kwok, Sun
59 Molecular Envelopes of Planetary NebulAEand Proto-Planetary NebulAE 152 Kwok, Sun
130 On the Nature of Symbiotic Novae 163 Kwok, Sun
199 A Retrospective: Interacting Winds Theory, Two Decades Later 9 Kwok, Sun
199 Optical Imaging of Proto-planetary Nebulae 155 Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Kwok, Sun; Su, Kate Y. L.
199 2-D Radiation Transfer Modeling of Non-Spherically Symmetric Dust Shells in Proto-planetary Nebulae 159 Su, Kate Y. L.; Volk, Kevin; Kwok, Sun
199 HST/NICMOS Observations of Proto-planetary Nebulae 163 Su, Kate Y. L.; Kwok, Sun; Hrivnak, Bruce J.; Sahai, Raghvendra
199 Near-Infrared Continuum, H2 Line and Polarimetric Imaging of Three Proto-Planetary Nebulae with HST 167 Sahai, Raghvendra; Su, Kate Y. L.; Kwok, Sun; Dayal, Aditya; Hrivnak, Bruce J.
199 A Thermal Radio Jet from the Central Post-AGB Star in the Bipolar Planetary Nebula M2-9 259 Lim, Jeremy; Kwok, Sun
260 Interacting Stellar Winds and the Shaping of Planetary Nebulae 245 Kwok, Sun