Makarova, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
98 The Age of the Brightest Stars in the Disk of M82-Tidal Triggering or Interruption of Star Formation? 421 Notni, P.; Karachentsev, I.; Makarova, L.
394 An Automatic Method to Determine the Degree of Flocculence of a Galaxy 497 Dumoncel, J.; Campedel, M.; Maitre, H.; Baillard, A.; Bertin, E.; de Lapparent, V.; Mellier, Y.; Fouqué, P.; Le J.-F.; Borgne, Pelló, R.; Makarov, D.; Makarova, L.; Prugniel, P.; Arnouts, S.
421 Isolated Nearby Dwarf Galaxies and Their Stellar Populations 265 Makarova, L.; Makarov, D.
510 Calibration of the Type Ia Supernova Distance Scale by the Tip of the Red Giant Branch 203 Antipova, A.; Makarov, D.; Makarova, L.