Mann, I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
104 Analysis of ULYSSES Dust Measurements Within the Asteroid Belt 19 Mann, I.; Wilek, M.; Grun, E.
104 Dust Near the Sun 315 Mann, I.
104 Infrared Spectroscopic Observations of Neutral Helium during the 1994 Eclipse 345 Mann, I.; Kuhn, J. R.; Penn, M. J.
104 The Role of Particle Size in Producing the F-Coronal Scattered Brightness 349 MacQueen, R. M.; Davidson, W. C.; Mann, I.
104 Modelcalculations of Near Solar Dust Properties 357 Mann, I.; Ishimoto, H.; Okamoto, H.; Mukai, T.
219 Size Distribution of Dust in the Disk of β Pictoris 387 Krivova, N. A.; Krivov, A. V.; Mann, I.