Martí, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
214 Confirmation of a Moving Component in the Hα Emission Line of LS I+61°303 731 Zamanov, R. K.; Martí, J.
287 VLA Observations of Brightness Enhancements Moving Along the Axis of the Cep A HW2 Thermal Jet 377 Rodríguez, L. F.; Torrelles, J. M.; Anglada, G.; Martí, J.
394 Faint Compact Object Detection in Wide Field Interferometric Radio Images Using a Hybrid Method Based on Local Thresholding and Wavelet Decomposition 547 Peracaula, M.; Freixenet, J.; Martí, J.; Martí, J.; Paredes, J.M.
422 XMM-Newton Observations of the Inner Region of MGRO J2019+37 186 Zabalza, V.; Paredes, J. M.; Martí, J.; Sánchez-Sutil, J. R.; Muñoz-Arjonilla, A. J.
422 Low-Frequency Radio Observations of the MGRO J2019+37 Complex 194 Sánchez-Sutil, J. R.; Paredes, J. M.; Moldón, J.; Zabalza, V.; Bordas, P.; Ribó, M.; Martí, J.; Muñoz-Arjonilla, A. J.; Ishwara-Chandra, C. H.; Peracaula, M.; Bosch-Ramon, V.; Romero, G. E.
422 Possible Alternative Counterparts to the SGR-like Event towards the Gamma-Ray Binary LS I+61 303 202 Muñoz-Arjonilla, A. J.; Martí, J.; Combi, J. A.; Luque-Escamilla, P. L.; Sánchez-Sutil, J. R.; Zabalza, V.; Paredes, J. M.