Meyer, F.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
261 Post-outburst rebrightening in WZ Sge stars 521 Osaki, Y.; Meyer, F.; Meyer-Hofmeister, E.
330 Hysteresis in the Transition Between Hard and Soft Spectral States of Low-mass X-ray Binaries 349 Meyer-Hofmeister, E.; Liu, B.F.; Meyer, F.
521 The FRIPON Project or Pride and Prejudice in Citizen Science 165 Marmo, C.; Colas, F.; Bouley, S.; Vaubaillon, J.; Zanda, B.; Vernazza, P.; Gattacceca, J.; Rault, J.; Blanpain, C.; Caminade, S.; Lecubin, J.; Malgoyre, A.; Meyer, F.; Steinhausser, A.; Birlan, M.; Maquet, L.; Audureau, Y.; Kwon, M.