Mikic, Zoran

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
68 Current Filaments Induced in a Resistive Corona by Continuous Footpoint Motions 180 Schnack, Dalton D.; Mikic, Zoran
68 Deducing Coronal Magnetic Fields from Vector Magnetograms 225 Mikic, Zoran; McClymont, Alexander N.
68 Evolution and Disruption of Magnetic Arcades 251 Linker, Jon A.; Mikic, Zoran
95 Modeling of Active-Region Magnetic Fields 108 Mikic, Zoran; Linker, Jon A.; Schnack, Dalton D.
95 Global Coronal Modeling and Space Weather Prediction 208 Linker, Jon A.; Mikic, Zoran; Schnack, Dalton D.