Naylor, D. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 Observation of the N = 8-7 Rydberg Transition of Hydrogen in Emission in the Solar Infrared Spectrum and the Search for Equivalent Magnesium Lines 608 Clark, T. A.; Naylor, D. A.; Tompkins, G. J.
449 POL-2: The SCUBA-2 Polarimeter 68 Bastien, P.; Bissonnette, E.; Simon, A.; Coudé, S.; Ade, P.; Savini, G.; Pisano, G.; Leclerc, M.; Bernier, S.; Landry, J.; Houde, M.; Hezareh, T.; Naylor, D. A.; Gom, B. G.; Jenness, T.; Berry, D. S.; Johnstone, D.; Matthews, B. C.