Nordström, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
40 Accurate masses and radii as test data for stellar models: status and progress on the Copenhagen project 361 Andersen, J.; Clausen, J. V.; Helt, B. E.; Johansen, K. T.; Nordström, B.; Garcia, M.; Gimenez, A.; Stefanik, R. P.; Vaz, L. P.
173 Critical Tests in Open Clusters: Requirements and Pitfalls 31 Andersen, J.; Nordström, B.
182 The Inventory of F and G Dwarfs: Observational Kinematics in the Milky Way 305 Pont, Frédéric; Fux, R.; Mayor, M.; Andersen, J.; Nordström, B.; Olsen, E. H.
185 20 Years of CORAVEL Monitoring of Radial-Velocity Standard Stars 383 Udry, S.; Mayor, M.; Maurice, E.; Andersen, J.; Imbert, M.; Lindgren, H.; Mermilliod, J.-C.; Nordström, B.; Prévot, L.
245 First Measurement of the Uranium/Thorium Ratio in a Very Old Star: Implications for the Age of the Galaxy 244 Cayrel, R.; Spite, M.; Spite, F.; Hill, V.; Primas, F.; François, P.; Beers, T. C.; Plez, B.; Barbuy, B.; Andersen, J.; Nordström, B.; Molaro, P.; Bonifacio, P.