Nyman, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
266 Phase fluctuation at the ALMA site and the height of the turbulent layer 268 Robson, Y.; Hills, R.; Richer, J.; Delgado, G.; Nyman, L.; Otárola, A.; Radford, S.
499 An ALMA View of the Complex Circumstellar Environment of the Post-AGB Object HD 101584 319 Olofsson, H.; Vlemmings, W.; Maercker, M.; Humphreys, E.; Lindqvist, M.; Nyman, L.; Ramstedt, S.
499 The Coldest Object in the Universe: Probing the Mass Distribution of the Ultra-Cold Outflow and Dusty Disk in the Boomerang Nebula 327 Sahai, R.; Vlemmings, W.; Nyman, L.