O’Toole, S.J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
392 Hot Subdwarfs from SDSS and SPY 131 Hirsch, H.A.; Heber, U.; O’Toole, S.J.
392 Hypervelocity Stars: Young and Heavy or Old and Light? 167 Heber, U.; Hirsch, H.A.; Edelmann, H.; Napiwotzki, R.; O’Toole, S.J.; Brown, W.; Altmann, M.
392 Towards Asteroseismology of the Multiperiodic Pulsating Subdwarf B Star PG1605+072 327 Tillich, A.; Heber, U.; O’Toole, S.J.; Østensen, R.; Schuh, S.
392 Simultaneous Time-Series Spectroscopy and Photometry of PG 1219+534 (KY UMa) 343 Reed, M.D.; Eggen, J.R.; Harms, S.L.; Zhou, A.-Y.; VanWey, R.L.; Telting, J.H.; Østensen, R.H.; O’Toole, S.J.; Terndrup, D.M.