Obergaulinger, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
429 Simulations of the Magneto-rotational Instability in Core-Collapse Supernovae 136 Obergaulinger, M.; Cerdá -Durán, P.; Müller, E.; Aloy, M. A.
459 Powering Short GRBs by Mergers of Moderately Magnetized Neutron Stars 49 Aloy, M. A.; Rezzolla, L.; Giacomazzo, B.; Obergaulinger, M.
459 MHD Simulations of Non-rotating Stellar Core Collapse with Neutrinos 149 Obergaulinger, M.; Janka, T.
474 Interpreting Observations of GRBs with Numerical Simulations 33 Aloy, M. A.; Cuesta-Martínez, C.; Mimica, P.; Obergaulinger, M.; Thöne, C. C.; Ugarte Postigo, A.; Fryer, C.; Page, K. L.; Gorosabel, J.; Perley, D. A.; Kouveliotou, C.; Janka, H. T.; Racusin, J. L.; Christmas burts collaboration
488 A New Two-moment Scheme with Algebraic Closure for Energy-dependent Multi-flavor Neutrino Transport in Supernovae 255 Obergaulinger, M.; Just, O.; Janka, H.-T.; Aloy, M. A.; Aloy, C.
498 Gravitational Wave Signals in Black-hole-forming Core Collapse 35 Aloy, M. A.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Obergaulinger, M.; DeBrye, N.; Font, J. A.
498 Magnetic Field Amplification in Non-Rotating Stellar Core Collapse 115 Obergaulinger, M.; Janka, H.-T.; Aloy, M. A.