Oblak, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
32 Observational Programme for Classical and CCD Photometry of Visual Double and Multiple Systems 339 Oblak, E.; Lampens, P.
32 The European Network of Laboratories: Visual Double Stars 454 Oblak, E.; Argue, A. N.; Brosche, P.; Cuypers, J.; Dommanget, J.; Duquennoy, A.; Froeschle, M.; Grenon, M.; Haibwachs, J.-L.; Jasniewicz, G.; Lampens, P.; Mermilliod, J. C.; Mignard, F.; Sinachopoulos, D.; Seggewiss, W.; van Dessel, E.
192 Simultaneous age-metallicity estimates of the Hyades open cluster from three binary systems 231 Lastennet, E.; Valls-Gabaud, D.; Lejeune, T.; Oblak, E.
198 Influence of Hipparcos on Hyades age estimates from three binary systems 133 Lastennet, E.; Valls-Gabaud, D.; Lejeune, Th.; Oblak, E.
228 A Determination of Galactic Radial Gradients of Velocity Dispersions From a Local Sample of F, G and K Stars 529 Moreno, M.; Oblak, E.
274 Significant discrepancies between stellar evolution models and solar-type eclipsing and visual binaries 214 Lastennet, E.; Fernandes, J.; Oblak, E.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
295 Turning Besançon Observatory On-line Facilities into the VO: Galactic Model Simulation, Binary Star, Molecular Collisional and TNO Databases 317 Debray, B.; Dubernet-Tuckey, M.-L.; Grosjean, A.; Oblak, E.; Petit, J.-M.; Reylé, C.; Robin, A. C.
314 BDB - A Database for All Types of Double Stars 217 Oblak, E.; Debray, B.; Kundera, T.
318 Fundamental Parameters and Stellar Evolution 175 Oblak, E.; Lastennet, E.; Fernandes, J.; Kurpinska-Winiarska, M.; Valls-Gabaud, D.
370 Classification of Eclipsing Binaries 181 Malkov, O.Yu.; Oblak, E.; Avvakumova, E.A.; Torra, J.
394 Data Mining in Astronomy: Classification of Eclipsing Binaries 381 Malkov, O.; Kalinichenko, L.; Kazanov, M.D.; Oblak, E.
411 The Binary Star Database — BDB 442 Malkov, O.; Oblak, E.; Debray, B.