Olsen, E. H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
60 On the Complementarity between MK Classification and Stromgren photometry 119 Olsen, E. H.
112 The Inventory of Nearby F and G Dwarfs 145 Nordstrom, B.; Olsen, E. H.; Andersen, J.; Mayor, M.; Pont, F.
173 New Eclipsing Binaries among Late F, G, and K Type Main-Sequence Stars 321 Clausen, J. V.; Helt, B. E.; Olsen, E. H.
182 The Inventory of F and G Dwarfs: Observational Kinematics in the Milky Way 305 Pont, Frédéric; Fux, R.; Mayor, M.; Andersen, J.; Nordström, B.; Olsen, E. H.