Olsen, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
221 Stars, Gas and Dust at the Center of LMC 4 125 Olsen, K.
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322 Young Clusters in Virgo and Fornax Dwarf Irregulars 215 Seth, A.; Olsen, K.; Miller, B.
495 The NOAO Data Lab 215 Fitzpatrick, M.; Olsen, K.; Stobie, E. B.; Mighell, K. J.; Norris, P.
522 The Data Lab Discovery Tools 153 Huang, W.; Olsen, K.; Fitzpatrick, M.; Norris, P.
523 The NOAO Data Lab: Design, Capabilities, and Community Development 233 Fitzpatrick, M.; Olsen, K.; Eychaner, G.; Fulmer, L.; Huang, L.; Juneau, S.; Nidever, D.; Nikutta, R.; Scott, A.