Oosterloo, T.A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
331 The Extra-planar Neutral Gas in the Edge-on Spiral Galaxy NGC891 239 Fraternali, F.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Sancisi, R.; Swaters, R.
331 High Velocity H I in NGC 6946 and Extra-planar Gas in NGC 253 247 Boomsma, R.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Fraternali, F.; van der Hulst, J.M.; Sancisi, R.
331 Fast Outflow of Neutral and Ionized Gas from the Radio Galaxy 3C 293 353 Emonts, B.H.C.; Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Tadhunter, C.N.; van der Hulst, J.M.
388 Radio Observations of Candidate Magnetic O Stars 221 Schnerr, R.S.; Rygl, K.L.J.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Miller-Jones, J.C.A.; Henrichs, H.F.
396 Centaurus A: Morphology and Kinematics of the H I Disk 161 Struve, C.; Morganti, R.; Oosterloo, T.A.
396 Warps in Disk Galaxies 211 Józsa, G.I.G.; Kenn, F.; Klein, U.; Oosterloo, T.A.
396 Anomalous H I Gas in NGC 4395: Signs of Gas Accretion 267 Heald, G.; Oosterloo, T.A.
396 Dark Matter Content in the Polar Disk Galaxy NGC 4650A 483 Iodice, E.; Arnaboldi, M.; Napolitano, N.R.; Oosterloo, T.A.; Józsa, G.I.G.