Owocki, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
128 Can the Line-Driven Instability Form BAL QSO Clouds? 258 Feldmeier, A.; Norman, C.; Pauldrach, A.; Owocki, S.; Puls, J.; Kaper, L.
262 Mass Loss and Magnetospheres: X-rays from Hot Stars and Young Stellar Objects 31 Gagné, M.; Cohen, D.; Owocki, S.; Ud-Doula, A.
305 The Effects of Magnetic Fields on Line-Driven Hot-Star Winds 343 Ud-Doula, A.; Owocki, S.
305 Magnetic Spin-Up of Line-Driven Stellar Winds 350 Owocki, S.; Ud-Doula, A.
332 Radiatively Driven Stellar Winds and Aspherical Mass Loss 169 Owocki, S.
337 Dynamical Processes in the Formation of Hot-Star Disks 101 Owocki, S.
337 A Rigidly Rotating Magnetosphere Model for the Circumstellar Environments of Magnetic OB Stars 314 Townsend, R.; Owocki, S.; Groote, D.
337 Centrifugal Breakout of Magnetically Confined Line-Driven Stellar Winds 319 ud-Doula, A.; Townsend, R.; Owocki, S.
355 A Simple Nozzle Analysis of Slow-Acceleration Solutions in 1-D Models of Rotating Line-Driven Stellar Winds 65 Owocki, S.
355 Formation and Evolution of Disks around Classical Be Stars 219 Owocki, S.
367 Radiative Forces in Interacting Binaries 233 Owocki, S.
367 Surface Flows and the Struve-Sahade Effect 393 Gayley, K.G.; Townsend, R.; Parsons, J.; Owocki, S.
388 Rotation and Mass Loss 57 Owocki, S.
425 Hot-Star Mass-Loss Mechanisms: Winds and Outbursts 199 Owocki, S.
464 The Dynamical Role of Radiative Driving in the Sources and Sinks of Circumstellar Matter in Massive Stars 255 Owocki, S.
465 General Discussion - Session II 111 Owocki, S.
506 Pulsational Mass Ejection in Be Star Disks 47 Kee, N. D.; Owocki, S.; Townsend, R.; Müller, H.-R.