Qian, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
159 Possible Accelerating Motion of IR-mm Flaring Blobs in Blazars 443 Qian, S.; Witzel, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Kraus, A.; Zensus, J. A.; Zhang, X.
451 Preliminary Photometric Solutions of Two EA Type Binaries in ω Centauri 63 Li, K.; Qian, S.; Leung, K.
451 Two G-type Solar-like Contact Binaries: GSC 0763-0572 and CW Cassippeiae 75 Wang, J.; Qian, S.
451 Understanding the Evolution and Outbursts of Cataclysmic Variables Based on Photometric Observations 95 Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; Liao, W.; Liu, L.; Li, L.; He, J.; Zhao, E.; Dai, Z.; Zhang, J.; Li, K.; Wang, J.
451 Making Accurate O-C Diagrams 111 Mikulášek, Z.; Zejda, M.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.
451 The Investigation of the Cataclysmic Variable Stars Inside the Period Gap: A Paradox Between Observation and Theory 127 Dai, Z.; Qian, S.
451 A Preliminary Photometric Study of the HW Vir-like Binary NSVS14256825 155 Zhu, L.; Qian, S.; Liu, L.; Liao, W. P.; He, J. J.; Li, L. J.; Zhao, E. G.; Dai, Z. B.; Zhang, J.; Li, K.
451 The Period Corrections of Two W UMa-type Binaries: V520 Cas and V680 Per 159 Wang, J.; Qian, S.
451 Preliminary investigation of period changes of five RR Lyrae stars in the Globular Cluster M15 351 Li, K.; Qian, S.
451 New Progress on High Fill-Out, Extreme Mass Ratio Overcontact Binary Systems 45 He, J.; Qian, S.; Soonthornthum, B.
482 New Results on Contact Binary Stars 107 He, J.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; Liu, L.; Liao, W.
482 Contact Binaries in the Galactic Star Cluster Berkeley 39 151 Liu, L.; Chen, W.; Qian, S.; Zhu, L.; He, J.; Liao, W.; Panwar, N.
482 New Progresses on Binary Stars in Globular Cluster ω Centauri 219 Liu, L.; Qian, S.; Leung, K.-C.; Li, K.