Quinet, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
242 A Comparison of the FeII Spectrum in Three B[e] Stars: HD 51585 HD 45677 and HD 50138 213 Houziaux, L.; Quinet, P.
493 Trans-iron Elements in the Hot DO-type White Dwarf RE0503–289 and the Prospective Search for Technetium 27 Werner, K.; Rauch, T.; López-Urrutia, J. R. C.; Kruk, J. W.; Kučas, S.; Quinet, P.
509 Trace Metals in PG1159 Stars and the First Identification of Metal Line Forbidden Components in Astrophysical Sources 177 Werner, K.; Hoyer, D.; Rauch, T.; Kruk, J. W.; Quinet, P.
509 Heavy Metals Resisting Gravity in White Dwarfs? 183 Rauch, T.; Gamrath, S.; Quinet, P.; Hoyer, D.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J. W.
515 A Quantitative Comparison of Opacities Calculated Using the Distorted-Wave and R-Matrix Methods 69 Delahaye, F.; Badnell, N. R.; Ballance, C. P.; Palmeri, P.; Preval, S.; Quinet, P.; Ramsbottom, C.; Smyth, R. T.; Turkington, M.; Zeippen, C. J.
515 Plasma-Environment Effects on the Atomic Structure and K Lines of He- and Li-like Oxygen Ions 289 Deprince, J.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.; Fritzsche, S.; Bautista, M.; Mendoza, C.; Kallman, T. R.; García, J. A.
515 The Problem of the High Iron Abundance in Accretion Disks around Black Holes 282 García, J. A.; Kallman, T. R.; Bautista, M.; Mendoza, C.; Deprince, J.; Palmeri, P.; Quinet, P.
519 Heavy-metal Abundances in DO-type White Dwarfs 175 Rauch, T.; Gamrath, S.; Quinet, P.; Hoyer, D.; Werner, K.; Kruk, J. W.