Rast, M. P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
42 Acoustic Excitation by Thermal Boundary Layer Instability in a Partially Ionized Convecting Fluid 41 Rast, M. P.; Toomre, J.
42 Ionization Effects on Solar Granulation Dynamics 57 Rast, M. P.; Nordlund, A.; Stein, R. F.; Toomre, J.
76 High-Frequency Oscillations of a Polytropic Layer 322 Rast, M. P.; Gough, D. O.
428 Is There Such a Thing as Quiet Sun? 87 Rast, M. P.
463 Understanding the Role of Small-Scale Flux in Solar Spectral Irradiance Variation 65 Rast, M. P.; Harder, J. W.