Richard, O.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
109 New solar models including element segregation and rotation-induced mixing 701 Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.; Charbonnel, C.
135 The Toulouse Solar Models: New Results 71 Vauclair, S.; Richard, O.
259 Evolution of Am and Ap Stars 270 Richard, O.; Michaud, G.; Richer, J.
259 Pulsations of Complete Evolutionary Models for roAp Stars: Preliminary Results 288 Michaud, G.; Brassard, P.; Richer, J.; Richard, O.; Fontaine, G.
274 Stellar Models that Treat Gravitational Settling and Radiative Acceleration Processes: Application to M92 41 Vandenberg, D. A.; Richard, O.; Michaud, G.; Richer, J.
296 Models of Metal-Poor Stars with Gravitational Settling and Radiative Accelerations 220 Michaud, G.; Richard, O.; Richer, J.; Vandenberg, D. A.
515 Hydrodynamical Instabilities Induced by Atomic Diffusion in F and A Stars 181 Deal, M.; Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.